Scandinavian Style Design

Scandinavian Style Design

Scandinavian Style Design – Nordic Inspirations!

An emergent school of design particularly in the mid part of the twentieth century, Scandinavian style relied heavily upon simplicity: clean lines, minimal furnishings and textures and materials that were organically inspired. Far from sterile or cold, Scandinavian style embraces warmth, it is about comfort and how to achieve ultimate relaxation within the home. Known particularly for its distinctive Nordic style furnishings, this unique aesthetic still, to this day, continues to have an impact on the interior design scene.

Classic Home Improvements has utilized Scandinavian design concepts in a number of projects. Generally, our approach tends toward the more naturally inspired Scandinavian elements, with accents that bespeak that traditional Nordic streamlined elegance.


The Components of Scandinavian Design Style

From the flooring to the accessories, when talking about Scandinavian inspired design, you are dealing with a style that somehow manages to brilliantly emphasize both warmth and minimalism. While the two may not seem to go hand in hand, when it comes to this philosophy of interior spaces, they really do.


  • Flooring: While carpet is definitely not part of this overall aesthetic, Scandinavian whole home renovations generally always address the flooring first. Design firms who specialize in this, understand that wood is essential. Not only for its inherent warmth, but because it suggests a neutral tone in many ways upon which the furnishings can truly stand out.


Lighter shades, blonde woods and even bleached hues help to create an effect that is quite popular in Scandinavian home remodel designs. Also, because the color palette of this type of design style tends to be lighter and whiter, the wood used, even in a scaled back shade, helps add that extra touch of warmth.


  • Colors: Speaking of the overall color scheme of a room or home designed in line with Scandinavian practices, it really does tend to be kept very simple and straightforward. Again, it is largely about the furnishings and accents; in an effort to more effectively to showcase these, neutral and white shades present the perfect backdrop.

Not to mention, Nordic style is very much uncluttered. There is an overwhelming peacefulness involved with this aesthetic. Therefore, calming, soothing tones such as cream, off white, light grey and ivory are an extremely popular choice for home remodeling done with an eye on the Scandinavian.

  • Form and Space: This style is very much about presenting space itself as an element in the overall design. In order to achieve that soothing and relaxing interior, space needs to feel welcoming and to an extent, expansive. Tighter, more closed-off niches are usually not a part of the Scandinavian way.


Rather, designers who tend toward this type of design and architecture emphasize openness with clean and straight lines. Honestly, it really does not get any simpler or more straightforward than when dealing with a Scandinavian canvas.


  • Furnishings: Of course, when you’re talking Nordic style, you’re focusing on the classically inspired furniture. World renown, Scandinavian furnishings represent a simple yet character laden approach to the typical chair, couch, table or bench.


The furniture is all about interesting angles, a conglomeration of different and contrasting materials, playing with hard and soft, textured and smooth, streamlined and cushiony. They seek to make the furniture the star in many ways, and with a muted background, this most often happens to be the case. So in thinking about a Scandinavian makeover, the emphasis in your home remodeling design should definitely be on the furniture.


  • An Array of Textures: Because this style deals frequently in the monochromatic, Scandinavian design-remodel specialists have found intriguing and clever ways to play with different textures, even within the space of a single room. Shag throw rugs, linen curtains, leather furnishings, wood floors, cement accents, stone pieces all work together to create a homogenous, warm and welcoming interior.

Even textures not generally thought of, such as more organic hanging light fixtures or lamp shades can add depth and a richness that is a true hallmark of Scandinavian interior design.


  • Lighting: Speaking of illumination, lighting in Scandinavian inspired design is essential. Not solely in terms of its utilitarian purposes, but the Nordic vibe involves interesting, artistic and in some ways, almost sculptural lighting experiences. Pendant lights that embody a variety of shapes and sizes are extraordinarily popular and not just in the kitchen.


As this design type prizes the organic, the lighting too has come to speak to this particular style. And with the expansive neutral canvas provided by the room itself, the lighting really has a chance to shine.


At Classic Home Improvements, we have seen many remodel and design projects that take advantage of the clean lines, the robust furnishings and the lighter color palette emblematic of Scandinavian style. We can certainly help steer your whole home renovation or new build in this direction. Contact us today for a free consultation and let gets started!

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