What is Urban Contemporary Design?

What is Urban Contemporary Design?

Urban Contemporary Home Design – Fabulously Pushing the Boundaries

When it comes to creating a home design with an urban contemporary feel, whether in a brand new home or engaged in a whole home remodel, the key to perfecting the look is to keep it simple, clean and, of course, urban. Classic Home Improvements has worked with numerous clients in their home remodeling design trying to capture that sleekness and that edginess that has become a hallmark of what urban chic truly is.

The great thing about this particular home design aesthetic is that it can encompass a wide range of themes and concepts. Many of the customers with whom we’ve worked, have fallen into one of three categories when it comes to their vision of urban contemporary: Modern, Minimalist, or Industrial. Whichever version of urban design you subscribe to, the Classic Home Improvements team would love to hear your thoughts…


white walls with wood beam exposed posts and wood flooringA Modern Twist on Urban Contemporary Home Design

The modern take on urban chic is just that: one which utilizes modern lines, elements and materials in order to create a look that embodies seamless fluidity and the ultra-convenience that those of the more modern tendencies prize. So what are the hallmarks of this incarnation of urban contemporary. From high gloss, smooth and sleek materials to bold geometric patterns and shapes, urban modern is eye- catching to say the least.

  • Materials: Especially when thinking about a design-remodel, updating your space and adding those quintessential modern elements, furnishings and materials can have a significant impact on the home’s overall look and feel. When modern meets urban contemporary you get a fresh, clean and vibrant revamp of an interior that may otherwise seem dated.


In designing for a more modern aesthetic, designers gravitate toward those types of materials that make a statement in and of themselves without having to be overly adorned. For instance, various types of glass, metals and plastics are staples in modern urban contemporary design.


Also, a home’s exterior will embrace this same sort of material philosophy. From huge panels of glass, to wide expanses of concrete, to bold metal accents, the modern style home trying to capture that urban aesthetic certainly makes a statement.


  • Lines: Those who appreciate a modern design style usually opt for lines that are clean and distinct. That’s not to say though they all have to be straight. In fact with urban design, lines can curve, slant, zig zag. Lines can define the space in ways not previously thought of. Modern style is clean and definitive, and yet flirts with that sense of adventure.


Urban Contemporary Design -The Minimalist Way

Hand in hand with a modern aesthetic is a minimalist perspective. When it comes to urban contemporary, many favor the “less is more approach.” At Classic Home Improvements we’ve done some amazing whole house renovations that, in sticking to a simple, minimalist palette, resulted in an astounding space.

  • Emphasis: Minimalist interior design is largely about emphasis. As with modern tendencies, minimalists like those bold, sleek materials; they prize those pieces that real have something to say without adornment.

When it comes to choosing gorgeous furniture or materials in minimalist design, the piece often stands on its own. It’s walking into a room and seeing an incredible textured wall, or geometric table, or a platform bed that in its simple purity creates the feel of the room.

  • Space: A good design firm understands that the space itself is just as important as the furnishings in an urban contemporary style home. Especially with minimalism, designers tend to accent the interior by playing up the fact of its space. You want to emphasize pieces or materials or lines by creating enough room around them so that they can really shine.


bright living area with metal stairwayIndustrial Meets Urban Contemporary

Gaining immense popularity in just the past few years, the industrial take on urban contemporary has been integrated everywhere from Soho, to Dallas to San Diego home design.  We’ve fortunately had the chance to work on some really unique and interesting industrial-based projects. So what exactly constitutes that quintessential industrial look…

  • A Commercial Feel: Using elements that were once considered solely commercial is certainly trending. From warehouse style lighting fixtures, to exposed metal ductwork, to even bathroom fixtures direct from a commercial grade building–this is what constitutes industrial.

It really is about components that can stand up to wear and tear while maintaining that rugged, been-around-for-awhile look.

  • Creativity: The industrial look is not however just about metal and mechanics.; it is also very much about artistic expression. Perhaps one of the most eclectic design styles, this type pf aesthetic gives homeowners the ability to let unleash their personality.


Big bold, artistic pieces that nod to your own unique sense of style. Murals, graffiti, graphics, paintings, metal sculptures, you name it. With industrial style, it’s about vision, creativity and individuality.


Urban contemporary design really can be a lot of fun and result in a breathtaking new space. We’ve loved the projects we’ve been involved, and we would certainly like to work with you to help you create your very own urban oasis. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s redesign your home together!

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