How Long Will It Take For A Whole House Remodel?

A lot of homeowners ask almost immediately what the whole house remodel timeline is going to look like.  When you meet with your design consultant and solidify what your scope of work is, you will receive a much more comprehensive answer than what we are about to provide you.  The reason for that is every whole house remodel is different.

Some whole house remodels include adding an addition while others are just a gut and remodel without any reconfiguration changes.  Your home is unique and your whole house remodel is a custom experience. For that reason, your whole house remodel time-frame will vary from your next door neighbor’s.

There are a few things that are easier for us to predict.  For example, your permitting process for any major home remodel  will look something like this:

Day 1 – Agreements are signed between yourself and your contractor

Day 5 – Property measure takes place to prepare as-built drawings and remodel drawings for submittal to the city.

Day 10 – Designer and draftsman review the remodel to prepare the drawings for you to “red-line” (make corrections/additions/subtractions/etc)

Day 19 – Draftsman corrections are completed

Day 20 – Designer has a second red-line appointment with you

Day 25 – Plans are submitted to the city for permits

Day 29 – Pre-construction walks take place onsite with your project manager

Day 34 – Design appointment takes place to select finish materials for your project

Day 39 – Scope refinement takes place and material selections are finalized

Day 44 – You sign final drawings and pay for finish materials

Day 49 – Site visits with installers takes place over the next 2 weeks.

Day 60 – Demo begins!

Now we know you are curious about your whole house remodel timeline, but we wanted to stress to you that there are a lot of steps that take place before you can even begin demolition.  From the day you demo to the day your project is completed, you can anticipate a minimum of 3 months to build but sometimes upwards of 9 months, again – depending on your scope of work and size of your home.  We have provided an article about what takes place during your remodel that we suggest you read which may alleviate some of the questions you have about timeline.