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If we have any advise for you at all, it is this:  Don’t hire just any general contractor! Work with a contractor who you feel like you can trust, a contractor you can communicate with not only when you are excited, but also when you are frustrated.  A major home remodel is a relationship that lasts for anywhere from weeks to months.  Just like any relationship, you will have highs and lows – and highs again!

The information below provides some information about how our company is structured. If you click on the links you will be taken to our other divisions which are all under the same Contractor State License Board #944782.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us.  We hope you will feel comfortable at the end of your researching journey to invite us into your home to provide you with a free consultation.

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What we do

Classic Home Improvements is a licensed general contracting company.  We have 3 distinct divisions to our organization.  Our design/build and custom home division offers luxury home remodeling and building options to clients who want to work with one source for all their design, architecture, and building needs.

We also have a kitchen and bathroom remodeling division which offers design and remodeling services for homeowners who are not looking to do any changes which affect moving or changing anything structurally in the home.

Additionally, we offer exterior home remodeling.  Those services include everything from window replacement, roofing replacement, building decks or patio covers to stucco and painting of your home.

Having each of these divisions insures we employ the highest caliber of field laborers because we can keep them busy through our 3 different divisions.  We carefully monitor and schedule our internal field employees and our specialty trade sub-contractors which allows us to have schedules that are not delayed while we wait for another project to complete.

You will not find a more transparent or unique General Contractor than Classic Home Improvements in San Diego or Temecula!

Why we do it

Classic Home Improvements is a family owned and operated business.  Not only are 3 of the Crocker family members working for the company, we have the Guthrie, Mohler, and Rojas families working with our team, as well as our extended family members.

Most of our colleagues joined CHI after more than 10 years with their previous employers because they wanted to be a part of working with Jack Crocker. He is known for treating his staff and customers with the utmost of respect and he strongly believes in higher education as well as promoting from within.

Jack Crocker, who has close to 30 years experience in the industry (as of 2017). Not to mention the 26 staff members which amount to over 346 years (combined) construction, management, and design experience!

Our company started as a small family remodeling firm which focused on exterior renovations such as decks, roofing, and exterior painting when the recession first hit.  A company that can survive STARTING in a recession can survive anything!

As the market manager for a leading framing company in new construction (which built more than $450 million dollar’s worth of construction projects), Jack had a large network of connections including project managers, designers, architects, accountants, and installers.  As the market improved, Jack increased his team and led them into remodeling small bathrooms and kitchens.

Coming from a corporate background after he earned his stripes working as a field laborer in many trades for over 15 years, Jack knew structured processes and procedures were paramount to the success of an organization.  As soon as the CHI team perfected the processes and procedures he guided them into Design for medium and large kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Once those processes and procedures were perfected he advanced the company into whole house remodeling and custom home building.  Classic Home Improvements now has 3 different divisions under the same umbrella.  Jack’s goal has always been to offer high quality yet affordable home renovation options with honest and professional trades people.

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How we do it

Each division we have has unique processes and procedures because you can not manage a kitchen or bathroom the same way you would a whole house remodel. Similarly, a general contractor can not manage the process for an exterior home remodel the same as a home addition.

Each division has project managers and consultants with skills that are required specifically to their division.  We control costs by having a centralized purchasing and scheduling department.  This matters to you, as the homeowner, because we are able to provide high quality workmanship at an affordable price while providing the highest caliber of representation from the consultants in their respective division.

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Who our customers are

We are best paired with homeowners who live in single family residences or who are looking to build a custom home in San Diego or Temecula.  If you are hoping to hire a local remodeling contractor who will manage the process from finish to start and who can assist you with design as well as assisting with selecting your materials, then we are a great fit for you!


who our customers are not

Unfortunately we are not the best fit for historical home remodels, customers who live in a condo or high-rise, or clients who would like to remodel due to a fire or flood (although if you reach out to us, we are happy to provide a referral!).

We are not a good fit if you are looking to do a minor home improvement (such as installing baseboards or re-tiling a shower).  Our company is best suited to work with clients who are looking to completely gut and remodel their space or build a completely new space.

why our customers hire us

Our customers are homeowners who want to hire a local general contractor who can manage the process of their home remodel from start to finish.  They want to work with a reputable remodeling company that has a high standard for quality workmanship.  Clients who hire us want to work with a contractor who doesn’t give them a low price and then hit them with extra work order charges during construction.

We have asked our clients why they hired us and we have been given a variety of answers which include: “you listened to us”, “you provide assistance with selecting the finish material”, “you weren’t the cheapest but you had the best reviews”, “I felt like you really knew what you were talking about”, and “you helped me visualize my space”.  Clients have also hired our team because we were able to provide positive references from customers in the past who hired us to do a major remodel on their second home while they were out of the state or out of the country.

But are we competitive?

We are not the highest priced remodeling company in our respective spaces (custom homes, luxury home remodeling, small kitchen and bath remodels, or exterior home remodeling) – but we are also not the cheapest in town.  The one constant theme with our customers in all our divisions is they value quality as much as, if not more, than price.

references, reviews, photos of our work

Classic Home Improvements has an “A” Rating on Angie’s List

You can also find reviews on our services from Guild Quality

We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

We have over 800 home remodeling images on HOUZZ of projects we have completed