Calling for a free consultation can sometimes be nerve-wracking for homeowners.  Sometimes they do not know what information to provide, they are not sure if it is too soon to reach out to a contractor, or they have not even decided if a home renovation is truly the path they want to take.

You have to start somewhere.  You might as well start by calling a remodeling company who knows what questions to ask and can guide you through the steps so you can start educating yourself on the process.  We promise that no matter how much research you have done online or how many friends or family members you have spoke with, you will benefit from spending time with a company who specializes in home renovation.

Consultation Process

1. First Appointment

Your initial consultation is a time for your consultant to find out more about what has iinitiated the call. Have you been watching "Love it or list it"? Are you adding family members into your home? Do you need to start considering aging-in-place? Did you just inherit the house and you are considering moving in or selling? Understanding your motivation behind your home renovation will allow us to guide you through your options.

During your first visit you will discuss where you are at in the process. Do you need help with design conceptualization? Do you need to determine what your options are so you know how much to get a loan for? Are you ready to build and need a contractor to get going on the project?

You will discuss budgets because even if you don't know what you want to spend, we promise you know what you DON'T want to spend. It is that number that your consultant will need to know. Without knowing what your "not to exceed" budget number is, your consultant can not guide you on what your options are and it becomes extremely difficult for your consultant to provide you with valuable advise.

2. Gears Are Turning!

After your initial consultation, you and your consultant have digested a lot of information about one another. Your consultant will have taken measurements and photos and a ton of notes! Over the next week your consultant will put together some design concepts and an initial scope of work. You may speak over the phone or email back and forth several times to clarify questions and ideas. Your next meeting will generally take place 7-10 days after your initial consultation. If you are planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel we will have a full written estimate and 3D images for you to revise at your second meeting. If you are planning a home renovation that is altering the structural aspects of the building, then this will be the second of three or four meetings that are likely to take place.

3. Second Meeting and Beyond

If you are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, hopefully we have NAILED your design and scope of work on the first round and you have decided to select us as your contractor.

If you are planning a major home renovation where there are structural changes being made, our second meeting may be a "narrowing of the goal post". This is when we come to you with a design concept to review and revise. At this meeting we will review to make sure what we heard you say was correct and to verify the design. Many times there will be changes made because you have come up with new ideas, or we may have design suggestions for you to consider. The goal of this meeting is to ensure we are both on the same page regarding the design and structural layouts before finalizing a quote for you.

4. 3D Images and Pricing

Our final meeting, typically for a major home renovation, is our third meeting. At this time we will have a full written estimate and some renderings for you to view of your new design These are not architectural drawings, but concept drawings, that we will prepare for you so you can visualize the space you have been discussing with your consultant. If we have NAILED it, we hope you select us as your home renovation contractor!