Are you interested in a major home renovation and researching general contractors or design builders for your project?  We thank you for stopping by our website and learning more about our company!  Classic Home Improvements has a unique background that we invite you learn more about, but before you do, here is a little bit of information about why we believe we are the right choice for your home renovation project.


We have the right skills

You will find that everyone in our company is in their designated position because of their skill-set. The Classic Home Improvements team is experienced, with each employee averaging 13 years in construction and remodeling as well as their dedicated position (accounting, consulting, design,project management, etc).

When you work with our team you are working with professionals who have been in the industry the majority of their careers. The management team has worked together cohesively for over 10 years. It is hard to find a company, especially a general contracting company, with that much expertise under one roof... never mind one that has worked together for as long as we have!

Friendly Support

The Classic Home Improvement team has won several awards for outstanding customer service. When you call in to our office you can tell we are smiling on the other end of the line. If you call our office and happen to get voicemail then you will get a return phone call within 24 hours. We provide a 24 hour customer service phone number that reaches a live employee for you to reach out to with any questions or concerns during and after your home renovation.

During production we communicate with you daily with an update of what was completed that day as well as what will be completed the next day. We provide an online portal which allows homeowners access to their production schedule so they know what to anticipate each day. All documents are shared and photos are shared between our clients and our entire team, including the owner.

We pride ourselves on being the most communicative construction company you could ever imagine working with. We know when you come home each day you are going to be excited about what was accomplished that day. We don't want you to wonder, we explain it to you! We are one of the few general contractors in San Diego that work with many out-of-state clients because of our high capabilities to communicate while clients are out of state. Want a video every day of what was completed, or photos from every angle? We are happy to oblige!

staff looking over blueprints for construction and remodeling company

We love what we do

When you enjoy what you do, when you have found yourself working in an industry that is your passion, it shows in your work as well as in your attitude. Our clients can tell that our team genuinely loves design and construction. We did not fall into our positions, our goal was to be in our position - in the industry we are in (some say we are crazy). Construction is dirty and loud and smelly before it is beautiful but we understand that because we have been in the industry for the majority of our careers.

Our team is aware that this may be your first home renovation and we love guiding our clients through the journey of their home remodel because we know what is on the other side of that dirt. We never get tired of the tears we see of pure delight when a client sees their dream home come alive before their very eyes.