The Perfect Home Remodeling Design: Vision & Inspiration

Home remodeling and construction professionals are aligned throughout the entire custom home, home addition, or home renovation project. Our San Diego team manages and marries design, budget considerations, and client requirements to provide designs that reflect our client’s dreams and lifestyles. It is not simply about drawing plans and figuring out where windows and doors might go, but rather design is about crafting a vision and merging that with inspiration. From the architect, to the home designer, to the general contractor, they all have a hand in helping the homeowner to fully realize what may begin as just an idea.

What Inspires You?

A pretty basic question, but one that really helps to set the tone and determine the overall style of your project. Whether it’s a new build or a home renovation, we want to know what you love, what you’re passionate about and ultimately, what type of design aesthetic really excites you.

For instance, let’s say you want to remodel your kitchen. Flipping through the pages of House Beautiful, or spending those late night hours searching through Houzz, you see bits and pieces of dream kitchens that you absolutely love. We want to know what you see. Create a kitchen vision board—include all of the components that you just have to have for your new gourmet kitchen design. And then share this board with our home designers who are incidentally exceptional when it comes to translating your must-haves and wish lists to a dynamic and stunning new space.

Perhaps your board includes luxurious marble countertops. Creamy whites and ivories, with striations of black and grey that perfectly represent your classic and clean style. Or maybe your board contains a color chart. Color after all is the foundation of any design. Or perhaps your board features the latest in high tech appliances around which you want your design to center. These are all extremely important components of the puzzle. The architect and designer need to be able to effectively interpret your vision—because that is, after all, where it begins.

Communication is Key!

In fact, communication is everything. Being able to communicate your feelings and ideas to our architect, contractor and home designer is essential in order for that perfect design to emerge. And then it is incumbent upon our team to continue this chain of communication. The architect needs to work hand in hand with the designer in order to realize a space that is aligned with your wishes and needs. The general contractor then has to be in constant contact with both, as (s)he works to build the space accordingly.  This is where Classic Home Improvements excels…We understand that it’s not just about passing off the plans and starting construction. It’s about really spending the time in order to get a comprehensive picture of the client’s vision as translated by the architect and home designer, before any building begins.

home remodeling with modern traditional l shaped kitchenThe Elements of Design

What are the elements of that perfect home remodeling design…Really this is difficult to say. Each client is different, each customer comes to us with their own vision, their own pieces of inspiration, and it is in the studying and talking through these elements that our team of home designers and professionals can create that ideal design.

  • As mentioned before, perhaps it starts with color. Inspired by coastal blues or earthy browns and yellows, you want to create a space that embraces this palette and thus truly gives you that sought after vibe.


  • Or maybe yours is a vision grounded in a certain layout or flow. You know you want open spaces. You want a family room that is expansive and still feels warm and inviting given the overall layout. You want ceilings that seem tall and majestic and provide that airy feeling. For you, the design is all about how space is utilized.


  • Then again, your design idea might start with something as simple as a style flooring that you love. Having seen the rich, deep tones of a distressed walnut hardwood floor, you convey to our home design team that the new space should play up this particular floor.


  • It could be that your design scheme features a piece of furniture or cabinetry that you want spotlighted in your new room. Letting the architect know precisely what you want and how you want that piece to be featured, allows him/her to create a design plan that accommodates your wishes.

large modern open kitchen dining room configurationThe wonderful thing about home remodeling design is that it is so individual, so fluid and flexible. There is no one perfect design, but there is the vision of the homeowner, the collaboration of home renovation and construction specialists and an end result that is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Classic Home Improvements wants to work with you on your next project, and we would certainly love the chance to help you create that perfect new design!