Gordon (Gordie) Guthrie, Business Development

Every great business needs a backbone. In many ways, Gordon “Gordie” Guthrie represents a huge part of the foundation of Classic Home Improvements. As our Business Development Representative, Gordie daily uses his in-depth knowledge of all facets of the construction world in helping us create strong partnerships so that we can continue to foster success and diligently adhere to industry best practices.

For Gordie, becoming a part of the construction industry was inevitable. He grew up in the business. He began at the tender age of 8, helping his father, a well-known contractor in his own rite.  A second generation custom home estate builder, Gordie’s list of distinctions, awards and experience is virtually endless.  And yet it is about so much more than just a portfolio when it comes to what Gordie truly brings to the CHI team. His work ethic in tandem with his business acumen has helped make this company what it is today.

Given his extensive sales experience with the First Pac West Group of Companies, Gordie thoroughly understands the industry, he knows how to create relationships and he intuits what it takes to make a company grow and ultimately thrive. While at Pac West, he dealt extensively with major research and development projects, along with being very active in the commercial construction sector of the company; ultimately, he became a partner there as well as VP of Business Development.

Perhaps one of his most known accomplishments was as the co-inventor of the Solace System, a workforce lodge solution that utilizes the absolute latest in technology thus creating a sustainable, LEED certifiable, highly innovative structure for leading resource clients. But then again, Gordie’s career has always been about coming up with new, outside-the-box ways to improve upon construction techniques and make a significant impact on the industry.

Beyond a strong business background and a history deeply connected to the construction world, Gordie has had the opportunity to work all over the country. He was even active in Canada, where he supervised the construction of entire communities for the oil and gas industry.

No stranger to managing multi-million projects, Gordie has since come to Classic Home Improvements in order to join long-time business associate Jack Crocker in helping to make the company a forerunner when it comes to technology-forward approaches, best business practices and the type of high quality, superior projects customers expect in today’s competitive construction climate. Gordie’s presence within our company makes us better, plain and simple.