Randy Miller, Project Manager

Project Manager Randy Miller Classic Home ImprovementsAt Classic Home Improvements, we have put together a team that we know will not only carry out our mission of quality, craftsmanship and honesty, but will always do so while putting the homeowners first. Randy Miller, our project manager, represents one of the keys to CHI’s success. His experience when it comes to both whole home remodeling and new custom homes is invaluable, as he leads crews, coordinates all facets of the on-site process and ensures that jobs stay on time, within budget and with an eye on the utmost quality.

Randy’s experience extends back to 1978, when he first started in the trades, before long he was on the tools working with a crew that built 3 custom homes that year. From the foundation work to the stick framing to the roof, Randy and the team successfully completed those houses, and this inevitably led Randy to discover his true calling. In 1984, undertaking his first custom build, he worked on every facet of the project himself, thus helping him to acquire the skills and knowledge that would ultimately pave the way for a very successful career in the world of construction.

The types of projects that he managed, both on his own and while working for another company, were generally in the $1.5 to 2.5 million dollar range. Often built into hillsides, these houses taught him not just how to manage a team and run a job start to finish, but also how to deal with tough terrain and the issues that can come up when building in less conventional locales.

After getting his CSLB license in 1989, Randy began undertaking massive home remodels and new construction projects as his own contracting firm, while concurrently working for Freedom Construction in a partner/co-owner capacity. During the course of the next decade, Randy would not only hone his project management skills, but become even more adept at handling the full range of permitting issues and dealing with the local jurisdictions.

Randy’s career has been all about a hands-on approach. A project manager who really digs in and works side by side with his crew, Randy’s management style, whether home remodel or custom build, leaves nothing to chance. This is why as a member of the CHI team, he is truly invaluable. We know that with Randy on site, as our eyes and ears when needed, everything is under control, and more importantly, everyone is where they’re supposed to be.

You just can’t replace that on-the-job knowledge that comes with decades of experience. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Randy now regularly takes on whole house remodels—in many ways, more difficult than a custom home build, because honestly, you never know what your team may encounter until you actually get in there and get down to work.

The success of a major renovation or new construction largely rests in the qualified and competent hands of the project manager. Randy is part of the CHI team because he has dealt with incredibly complicated projects;  he has the skills and talent to lead and guide your project. His vast experience and ability to work on just about every facet of a remodel or build is what ensures that our clients’ projects run smoothly, on time, and on budget.  With Randy at the helm, you know you’re in good hands!