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Whole House Remodel in La Jolla

This beautiful turn of the century property is located in an owner-occupied mixed-use building in downtown La Jolla.  The owners own the heritage building which has many businesses below who rent from them.  The building has 2 suites upstairs and our clients occupy one of them as a second home, their primary residence is in Arizona.

Working in a mixed use building has many challenges, tack that on to being located in a downtown luxury district and you have many obstacles to hurdle including parking, city ordinances, and possible disruption to businesses down below.

The building is also more than 100 years old so there were challenges with the building itself including aspestos which had to be removed and mechanical which needed to upgraded to meet current city building codes.  One of the biggest challenges, and one of the highlights of the project was a door that had sentimental value to the homeowners.

The 4 foot wide sold core wood, dutch, exterior commercial door from early 1900’s had been out in the weather for who knows how long!  They wanted to keep it so we refinished it and brought it back to like-new condition and placed it in the guest bedroom leading to the balcony.

After gutting and renovating the entire home, this heritage home looks like a brand new house!




What we built

1. Kitchen renovation

We designed and built a full renovation of this kitchen which included moving walls.  This home features Stratford style Starmark Cabinetry, maple wood, in a marshmellow creme tinted finish with flat front drawers.

2. Renovated 2 Bathrooms and Added A 3rd Bathroom

There were two existing bathrooms that we completely renovated but then we also converted a closet which was on the opposite wall of one of the existing bathrooms and turned area into a powder bathroom.

3. Outdoor

Repaired, re-slurried and re-coated the deck, opened the wall to create a new window opening, installed La Cantina folding doors, and applied Lifetime paint.

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