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Second Floor Addition

Deciding to build a second floor addition is a big deal!  The owners of this 1923 San Diego home were in need of an office space because one of the owners works from home.  With no where to build out, they decided to build up. The homeowners reached out to several contractors when deciding who to work with. After finding us on Angie’s List, they interviewed and hired our team. Our clients had elected to re-finance their home to accomplish the room addition and they were adamant they did not want to go over their budget.  We spent several meetings reviewing their options and coming up with design solutions until we came to an agreement on their design and scope of work.

There were challenges with this second floor addition but with the high level of communication between CHI and the clients, it was a successful project.  For example, the city wanted some extra reviews on the plans because the home was located in a flight path and was located in an extreme high fire zone so the permitting process took quite a lot longer than the normally anticipated 6 weeks.  The extra delay from the city led us into a demo date that coincided with some extreme weather.  With this project involving an open ceiling the rain caused the project start date to be pushed further than anyone would have liked.

The property was located in the Golden Hill (92102) neighborhood of San Diego where parking and material deliveries can be quite hard to coordinate.  The homeowners elected to live in the home with their two cats as it was being remodeled (think about what it would be like to live with a portion of your roof ripped off!) and additionally, one of the homeowners actually worked from home!

At the end of the project, the clients were thrilled with the completed project.  Building a second story addition is not a short project and it involves many, many people coming in and out of your home from project managers, to installers, and inspectors.  They lived through it and are happy with their new office space!

What we built

To build this second story office space, we added 29 feet of concrete footings and an additional 24 x 24 x 12 concrete pad footing in (a very tight) crawl space.  We removed the existing roof in the 2nd floor room addition area and framed in the new room addition.  Of course a new roof was added.  We also matched the existing lap siding (quite well, we believe!).  With the new stairs we built, we also added new windows, electrical, HVAC, flooring, walls, paint, and insulation.  The clients were able to save some costs by excluding any plumbing in the second floor addition.

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