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Whole House Remodel

Our clients in San Diego decided they wanted to re-invest into their home rather than relocate.  They hired us to design and build their whole house remodel, knowing they did not have the time or energy to act as the designer, architect, and general contractor for such a large remodel.

They had a few design requirements including wanting the new space to be clean, open, and calming.  As part of their whole house remodel, we re-designed their first floor so the space would flow from one room to the next seamlessly.  We added design elements to incorporate the best use of the existing space.

What we built

1. Kitchen renovation

This San Diego home got a fresh look and some much needed space was added by expanding the kitchen into the existing dining room.  The large kitchen island was added to provide additional space for guests to sit and visit at during large family gatherings.

2. Living Room Renovation

This living room received a whole new look by removing an awkwardly placed pony wall.  Removing the wall created a more open and usable space for the San Diego homeowners.  Additionally, we updated their flooring and added beautiful new niche with custom lighting so our client could highlight a piece of art she had purchased for her “new” home.

3. Dining Room Renovation

The new kitchen now flows beautifully into this redesigned dining room which features new flooring and a renovated fireplace.  As part of the whole house remodel, each room renovated was completely gutted before being re-built.

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