We have found over the years that homeowners are very interested in seeing before and after images of remodels we have completed.  It is understandable that you want to make sure we have worked on a project similar to yours.  We take high quality professional photographs of our projects with high resolution so you can see every detail that goes into the project.  Our hope is that when you expand the image you can see the quality of workmanship that goes into each and every remodel we complete.

Another thing we have found over the years is homeowners do not necessarily know what types of hurdles can come up during a home renovation.  Some obstacles that occur can not be foreseen by even the best in the industry.  It is how your contractor handles those obstacles that makes him or her the best (or worst) in the industry.

The time that takes place between a “before” and an “after” image is lengthy.  It’s dirty, smelly, and can be frustrating because you are sharing your home with virtual strangers as the remodel is taking place.  We felt it would be unique for us to provide you with details of any obstacles that came up during our projects so you could get a general idea of what can take place during your home renovation.  Maybe this is not a good idea, but we believe in complete transparency.  If you would rather skip to just looking at the photos, check out our portfolio!

Every home remodeling project we complete is unique.  Situations, scope of work, and design elements are special with each home renovation.  When you click on the link for each photo, we will take you on a very short journey of the each home renovation we completed.  Please enjoy the remodeling before and after images as well as project information provided below!

  • Second Floor Addition
  • Bathroom Remodel In Escondido
  • Kitchen Expansion In Temecula
  • Bathroom Remodel in Temecula
  • Beach Themed Bathroom Remodel
  • Bathroom Remodel Carlsbad
  • Whole House Remodel in La Jolla
  • Whole House Renovation
  • Master Bedroom and Bathroom Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel San Diego

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