Bath Remodel – Creating a Spa-Like Style

Bath Remodel – Creating a Spa-Like Style

Bathroom Elegance- Spa-Like Style

Picture it…it’s the end of a long day of work. You’re exhausted beyond words. All you want to do is slip off into that oasis where the warmth and luxury of a gorgeous soaker tub meets the open and airy feel of a relaxing en suite. The word “spa” plays in your mind. But alas, you enter your run-of-the-mill, no frills, no fun bathroom. The dreams of relaxation quickly fade.

Why not have that retreat you always dreamed of. Why not indulge in the walk-in tiled shower or that standalone pedestal tub that at times can be your best friend. Why not create that bathroom design that not only updates your home, but in many ways helps reinvent your life…

Why a Bath Remodel?

So when it comes to resale value and the reselling process in general, when going to list your home, the first two rooms that prospective buyers will check out are the kitchen and bathroom. Because of course, they too want that moment of luxury and escape in their future house. But bathroom remodels are for more than just reselling purposes. Allowing yourself the ultimate bath truly does impact your life.

The projects that we have done, the bath remodels in which we have engaged, have been about introducing an area of retreat, splurging on some of the bells and whistles and creating a bathroom that is uniquely you, that wraps you in the kind of amenities and features that, trust us, you won’t know how you ever lived without.


luxurious bath remodel sampleIt’s All About the Design When it Comes to A Bathroom Remodel

When redoing your bathroom, it’s not simply about replacing dated flooring, or installing new vanities; your bathroom remodel project, in order to make a difference and get you the spa-like results you want, is about tackling the design first. An experienced home remodeling designer will know how to create space where before there was none, they will intuit what you want, that magical wish list and help make it happen, and they will be able to guide you in the type of design-build choices that flow seamlessly together and meld beautifully with your current space.

A designer who knows bathroom renovation, especially large and luxurious remodels, will be able to step beyond just the page upon which the new layout is drawn. (S)he will show you precisely how to combine exotic and/or elegant tilework with fixtures that serve to accent the room’s style. They will also be able to guide you when it comes to the best ways to orient that new body spray enabled, over-sized walk in shower. The glass alone on this type of shower project is a pivotal point of interest. What style glass should you include? What thickness? Should it have a door? These type of questions merely scratch the surface as you dig in and really imagine that fantasy bath!


An Amazing Bathroom Remodel: The Foundation of a True Oasis

Let’s start with the basics…The bath is all about the tub and shower. Nowadays more and more homeowners, in their luxury bathroom makeovers, are leaning toward the double, walk-in shower. So what is involved with installing a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind, retreat like shower in your soon-to-be gorgeous new bathroom? Glad you asked! As with any quality bathroom project, this again begins with a designer who knows how to integrate these type of features seamlessly. Once you’ve figured out how and where to put this baby in—that’s when the fun part begins. The tiles…what type of look are you going for. We’ve created everything from more rustic shower masterpieces, featuring a combination of wood look tiles with natural stone, to elegant, clean-lined marble and travertine showers.

How about the actual faucet, showerheads and sprays. Yes, that body spray feature is definitely trending and why wouldn’t it. We can think of nothing more soothing…imagine, steaming water cascading over you at the end of a hard day.

And of course, that tub. For those who still like a relaxing soak, the tub is the star attraction of your bathroom remodel. From jetted, to air baths to garden sized soakers, as with your shower creation, the world of tubs is seemingly endless. The look and style of the unit itself is something with which you can have a little fun. There are clawfoot style tubs—a modern update on a classic look. Pedestal tubs, even tubs shaped like and hewn from a piece of natural stone. From the shape to the surround, your tub can is ultimately a reflection of your design style and taste.

You can’t forget about the vanities. We’ve done luxurious, stretch-limo sized double vanities, to more dainty and character laden handcrafted vanities. Again, this is a reflection of you, of what you want that spectacular new retreat to look and feel like. Whether using exotic wood cabinetry and granite tops or classic white with a contrasting soapstone surface, working with a skilled designer, you can create the ultimate dream vanity.

bathroom vanities

There are so many components of a bathroom remodel all working together to create for you the spa like space you want and need in your home. It’s about having a vision and then exploring that vision with a team that knows how to do a luxurious bath remodel the right way. And by the time we’re done, no one will be able to get you out of your new oasis!

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