Home Renovation Priorities

Home Renovation Priorities

Home Renovation Priorities – Creating Your List!

In preparing your San Diego home renovation priority list, it’s always going to hinge on a combination of budget, need, and want. In the perfect world, you get everything on your wish list and amazingly and the end result comes in under budget. But we live in the real world, and for most of us, we need to sit down with our computer (or pencil and note pad if you want to go old school) and prioritize—what we need versus what we can afford, what we want and what we might be willing to sacrifice in the short term. So many items, angles and ideas to consider. So when you do sit down to create your home renovation priority list, here are some tips and advice for not stressing and learning how to just roll with it!

Start with the basics: What would you most like to change about your space?

The keyword in any home remodel project is of course: change. And this is great, because generally most undertake whole home renos because they want that definitive change. Therefore at this juncture you really need to ask yourself what features or functions do you most want to see changed. This should definitely go toward the top of your home renovation priorities list.

What Do I Like About My Current Space?

Along the same lines of the change question, really start to break down what you particularly like about the current space. How does it work for you and your family? Perhaps you may want to expand on the positive elements, or leave that aspect of the house alone all together. You may even discover something great about your house you didn’t realize that could potentially be integrated into your renovation plan.

What Can I Afford to Do in Terms of This Remodel Project?

This is a pretty important one! Obviously, you want to be assured of the numbers—the math has to make sense. The last thing you want is to put yourself into financial jeopardy because you way overspent. You have to see what improvements fit within the parameters of the budget and what might have to wait until perhaps a later date. There are certainly some more cosmetic elements such as countertops for instance, or fixtures that are much easier to do after the fact than some of the more structural components; this way you have some time to save more funds.

Think Resale

Though you may not be looking to sell your home in the near future, there may come a time when you do decide to move. If, during your home renovation, you prioritize accordingly and consider upgrading/remodeling those facets of the home that offer the most ROI when it comes to resale value, then you could be in for a pleasant surprise. Kitchen and bath upgrades are always good in terms of resale, as are more structural components such as roof, siding and windows.

Adapting the Home for Aging

This may not necessarily pertain to you personally, perhaps a parent or in-law is moving in. In your home renovation priority checklist then, you might want to consider making alterations to the space that will better enable them to maneuver around, add greater comfort for them, or just make things easier in general.

Think About Money Saving Upgrades/Changes

Perhaps one of the things you want to do in terms of your home renovation priority list is closely examine those projects that could turn into money savers. Things like upgrading to a more efficient and budget friendly heating system. Looking at water saving opportunities, or installing better insulated windows—all of these types of projects makes saving for more renovation work down the road easier!

We’d love to work with you on fine-tuning that home renovation priorities checklist. We can offer insight based upon our years of experience, expertise and understanding of the real estate market. Coming up with a solid list and a definitive home renovation design is going to make your remodel go much smoother. And you can count on the team at CHI to help. When you’re ready to get moving on your whole home renovation, give us a call and let’s work out the details together!

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