Home Renovation Timeline

Home Renovation Timeline

Home Renovation Timeline: Some Tips and Advice!

A good home remodeling contractor will take the time to explain the process to you; he/she will go through the steps and give you a solid idea regarding how long each takes. Now certainly things can creep up, the unexpected can occur, but more often than not, having a firm grasp of the basic timeline will be more than sufficient to give you much-needed insight—as far as your budget, your scheduling, and your sanity–into your home renovation project.


The Planning Stage. First thing’s first when it come to your home renovation timeline…the planning. This includes all things relevant to the pre-construction phase. So finding that perfect remodeling company, having your prints or plans drawn if need be, coming up with an actionable contract, and devising a comprehensive specifications list. The planning part of the process is part you and part your contractor. At CHI, we certainly handle all the necessary tasks on our end and we also do our best to help walk you through that which you need to do as well. The best renovations, at least in our experience, are the ones that are truly team projects—from planning all the way to the final reveal!

Demolition. It’s time to get down and dirty here. Generally, most remodel jobs require some form of demolition, whether extensive or just minor. Either way, you want to make sure that you carefully protect your valuables and/or breakables. Storing these safely away is a good idea. And then depending on whether your home will be habitable during the demo, you might want to consider finding other accommodations for this initial phase (or perhaps all) of your remodel.

Framing. If your home renovation is going to require new walls, or the addition of rooms and partitions, then there is going to be some framing involved. At this phase in your overall home renovation timeline, the framing crew will get to work. Your home will be a flurry of activity, with studs being cut to length, nailed in places and walls beginning to appear. This is when the remodel project really starts to get exciting. Being able to see these brand new sections of your home materialize is always a great feeling!

Mechanical Rough-in. The true “nuts and bolts” of the renovation process. At this phase, the tradesmen get in there and work their magic. From wiring and connecting to your existing (or potentially upgraded) panel box, to running any plumbing lines and consequently tying those into the home’s main sewer, to the requisite heat runs and gas lines, this part of the renovation is extremely intensive and important!

Drywall/Paint. Now it’s time to put it all nicely back together and make it look amazing! Sheetrock work can get messy however. Between the hanging and then mudding and sanding, there’s going to be some collateral mess during the actual work. A great crew however, will clean it up and make your home spotless once they’ve completed the task at hand. Again, during the drywalling and painting, depending on what areas of the home are affected, you might want to consider temporarily staying elsewhere. Plus, it’s a lot easier on the crew if they’re able to focus solely on their work.

Trim, Fixtures and Finishes. Once the paint has dried, now the team can start setting cabinets, mounting countertops and installing components such as lighting, hardware, faucets and other finishing touches. Additionally, they will probably be working on installing your trim and moldings as well during this phase in your home renovation timeline.

Flooring. Installing your new flooring is often one of the last things that takes place. Floors can be scratched, damaged, dirtied; we do everything possible to ensure that your new floors are protected and thus installed close to the very end of the renovation job. Especially if dealing with any sort of carpet—this most definitely will be among the last phases of your home remodel project.

Clean Up. The CHI team is quite diligent about cleaning up every step of the way, not just at the very end. We pride ourselves on leaving your home as spotless and as tidy as possible at the completion of each work day. However at the end, what really makes your new renovation shine is a thorough and comprehensive cleanup. From a dirt and debris perspective, it should seem like no work was ever done—just a gorgeous and stunning end result: your newly renovated space!

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