4 Bathroom Addition Design Styles

4 Bathroom Addition Design Styles

4 Bathroom Additions – 4 Distinct Design Styles

So you’re thinking of building a bathroom addition.  You finally can splurge on that new luxurious, high end bathroom that has been beckoning for years. Working with a design team and a builder who specializes in these types of bathroom additions, you just know that it is going to be spectacular. We’ve worked with a variety of homeowners, and also a wide range of home styles. Your home’s style and overall design motif is incredibly important to keep in mind as you approach your new bathroom addition. You want it to flow with the rest of the house, you want it to be a seamless fit with the home’s décor, whatever that happens to be. So here are a few bath addition ideas filtered through a few different design themes and styles…

wall hanging white sink with shelving underneathThe Industrial Bathroom Addition

Steampunk is chic, commercial is all the rage and industrial is most definitely “in.” If you’re house has that raw, industrial feel working, then of course, in adding a bathroom, you want to continue this concept. But how exactly do you create that most industrial of bathrooms…Let’s start with the sink. When you walk into your new bathroom addition, often times it is the vanity that takes center stage. And oh, the fun you can have with this particular fixture, especially when going for that more commercial, exposed-everything feel. Why not expose your vanity’s innards? Let the pipes hang out. Copper especially can be a striking accent in the industrial bathroom. Who says there has to be a cabinet beneath the sink—how about steel shelving, wire grates, get creative!

There is also the overall look and feel of the room itself. In today’s world of design, anything goes, and bathroom additions are no exception. Put brick veneer up on the walls, give it that classic “warehouse” feel. Use reclaimed and distressed hardwood for the floors. Accent with iron pipe shelving. Use your imagination, just make sure your bathroom addition plays nicely off of the rest of your home’s design scheme.

classic white bathroom with mosaic tileThe Shabby Chic Bath Addition

A variety of styles and décor ideas have been associated with this seemingly all-encompassing term “shabby chic.” The long of the short of it is, shabby chic is very much an anything goes, making old-new-again, elegance-in-that-which-is-distressed philosophy. If your home happens to subscribe to this particular design style, don’t be afraid to embrace it all the more in your bathroom addition. Nod to the chipped, feature the crackled, and import design elements that suggest the style was thrown together, but sophisticatedly so.

So what would go into a shabby chic bathroom…How about repurposing an old barn ladder as a towel holder. Why not create a tub and/or shower surround composed of an old glass door whose paint is just the right amount of peeling. Or maybe you could even find an antique dresser, buffet or sideboard that could be transformed into a gorgeous vanity/sink combo. Adding a new bathroom to a shabby chi-inspired home certainly promises to be a whole lot of fun!

dark wood cabinet in rustic style bathroomThe Lodge-Inspired Bathroom Addition

So you’re into the rustic, the timber frame inspired, the quintessential cabin in the mountains lodge look. Adding a bathroom to a house boasting this style décor is always an adventure. You want just the right accents, that earth-inspired elegance meets primitiveness.

We’ve worked on a few such projects, and the trick is to ensure that your bathroom addition showcases those natural elements that give one that cozy, rustic sensation. For instance, natural stone is a terrific touch, whether for the shower walls, tub surround or even as backsplash material. How about even a sink bowl carved from stone…Also using actual exposed timber frame components can make your bathroom a stunning masterpiece of rusticity.


white cabinet classic bathroom additionClassic Bathroom Addition

Very often people do tend toward the cleaner lines, more subdued color palette and the types of smooth and sleek surfaces that make the bathroom a beautiful and peaceful oasis. From marble and travertine, to classic white cabinetry, to exquisite tile flooring that all work together to give birth a space that really reflects a certain refinement and luxury, classic bath additions never go out of style.

And it’s not just about the materials. In such a bathroom, it is also about the smaller touches, the accents and overall décor. Faucets for instance…using chrome or nickel helps give the bathroom a traditional feel but combined with elegant surfaces and fixtures, a decidedly high end touch.


Whatever your home style, your new bathroom addition should very much incorporate this feel. You want your home to flow, to exhibit a cohesive design sensibility. Not to mention, adding a bathroom really does give you a chance to explore your creativity and enhance your style profile.

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