Building A Second Story Addition

Building A Second Story Addition

The Multi-Generational Model: Building A Second Story Addition for Posterity

So here’s the situation, mom and dad are aging and you no longer want them living on their own. Meanwhile a young family, you have a houseful of kids, demanding careers, along of course with the pressing needs of the day to day. The answer, for many, seems to be found in multi-generational living. Translation: one big happy family under one roof. While this is truly a great solution and a way to have that collective vibe in which everyone helps everyone else, the house itself may be the issue here. Is your current home big enough to move your parents or in-laws in? Are you expecting another baby and thus find that the quarters are going to be even more cramped?

Adding a second story addition or really any type of home addition may be the way to go in order to accommodate this particular extended-family-under-one-roof living situation and still give everyone some needed space and privacy.

conceptual drawing of a second story additionThe Extended Family and A New Home Addition

In San Diego lately, we have seen numerous families decide to make it official and live together for the sake of the children, parents and grandparents alike. It just makes sense in so many ways. It has recently been recorded that nearly 60 million Americans live in some form of multi-generational scenario. That is a huge number of people who are finding that co-habiting is not only good financially and practically speaking, but in terms of establishing more effective lines of inter-generational communication, strengthening those family bonds and instilling the type of values in children that will carry on with them as they grow.

Children who grow up with a grandparent in the home have been found to be more self-sacrificing, to be better, more compassionate listeners, and to have a stronger sense of identity. The trick is to maintain a harmonious balance in the home, and again, we have found in working with homeowners looking to expand into this kind of situation, that home renovations to include second story additions, often provide the space and the square footage needed to appease everyone now living in the house.

conceptual drawing home expansionSome Things to Consider When Building Your Multi-Generational Second Floor Addition

Let’s say you decide to build up and ultimately add a second story onto the house. The first thing you really need to think about is how the space will be used and who will be using the space. Obviously with this type of home expansion project in which you are adding a second story, it is most likely going to become the kids’ domain. Or perhaps, you yourself will now inhabit the second floor while giving the older generation first floor living accommodations. This new second story helps maintain separation when needed, and yet still offers that collective first floor living area in which you can all gather.

If you’re second floor addition then is going to include a new upstairs master suite, you’re definitely going to want to think long term. What might be some of the things you can equip your bedroom with to make is aging-friendly for when you begin to age, or if in resale, others purchase the home with similar needs…Perhaps you may want to think about wiring the space to enable all of the latest technological advances to be accessible from your new bedroom suite or also, and perhaps most importantly, to enhance communication between your room and the downstairs bedroom should an emergency occur.

Or again, a second floor addition may be all about the kids. Aside from their bedrooms, perhaps think about putting in an upstairs family room or recreational area. We’ve done a number of these types of designs for second floor build outs, and especially with the grandparents on the first floor, from time to time, the children are going to want their own little getaway, a place to hang out with their friends, play their games and just do their own thing.

two story home at duskWork Together to Design Your Ideal Second Story Addition

A key part of a successful second story addition…working together and coming up with a space that suits everybody’s needs. The great thing about this multi-generational living model is that you are coming together as family unit. Giving everyone input into the home expansion project is a tremendous way to kick off the start of a truly wonderful and valuable lifetime experience.

Want more ideas about adding a second floor to your home or expanding your current house to accommodate grandma and grandpa moving in…Our designers have the experience and vision needed to create the type of addition that looks as though it has always been a part of the house. This is most definitely where we excel. And we would love to offer you a free consultation to see what makes the most sense for your expanded family as you look to the future!

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