What we can do for you

  • Help you design the perfect custom home to meet your family’s needs and budget
  • Give you the type of craftsmanship that makes your home truly stand out
  • Diligently keep you updated on the progress of your home throughout the entire build
  • Assist you in making selections, offer you superior quality materials, and guarantee the best finishes
  • Take the time to explain everything that is happening
  • Make sure there are no surprises and that the process is smooth and seamless

What we can promise you

  • Quality work, a high standard of craftsmanship
  • We will always do our best to work within your budget and with your schedule
  • Our commitment to being upfront and honest
  • Hand-selected tradesmen, representing some of San Diego’s best
  • Premier brands that stand the test of time
  • We will always treat your home as if it were our own

Custom Homes: Let Us Help You Build Your Dream House

Are you looking for a custom home builder in San Diego?  We are a team of home remodeling designers, architects, and experienced builders with the know-how, talent and expertise to create amazing custom homes throughout the San Diego Area. Classic Home Improvements has worked with homeowners throughout the region; we emphasize quality, affordability and the type of honest and transparent building process that doesn’t leave you feeling frustrated, but rather thrilled with the results of your new custom build.

Building a home is not something we take lightly. Every project gets our full and complete participation. It is this meticulous attention to detail—all the details—that make us one of the most trusted custom home building firms in San Diego. We understand that this is perhaps one of the biggest expenses in your life. And we know that you want a team you can trust with that investment, a team that can help you realize the style and type of house that you’ve always envisioned.


The San Diego Custom Home Builder with a Heart

You might have heard horror stories about what it’s like to a build a new custom home. If that’s the case, then you haven’t been talking to our clients. This is a process that we take very seriously, and we stand beside you at every single point in the project. From the original design of your home to installing that final piece of crown molding or trim, we are there for you! This is our guarantee.

For us, the greatest part about getting to design and build a custom home is what comes after…Hearing the stories of how much families love the homes we build, knowing that memories will be created within those houses, that happiness and laughter will be shared within. This is what makes Classic Home Improvements, a premier San Diego custom home builder, different—what’s most important to you and your family is what’s important to us.


Finding the Perfect Custom Home Builder

San Diego is full of talented design-remodel companies, whole house renovation specialists and custom builders. So how do you find that ideal contractor for your project? These are just a few of the things that our clients generally look for when interviewing a custom home builder:

  • Referrals and References: It’s true that you can tell a lot about the quality and character of a home building company from their past projects. How did they respond to their customers? Did they address concerns promptly? Were there so-called ‘surprises’ that arose throughout the build process? How did they manage the overall job? And these questions only scratch the surface. Prior to hiring a design firm and/or custom home building company, you want to be sure and create a comprehensive list of questions for them as well as for their past clients. If they are not forthcoming about the homes they’ve done and the clients for whom they’ve worked, this may be a red flag.


  • Comprehensive Estimates: There’s nothing worse than going into a new home build without having all of the information. Whomever you hire to build your house needs to provide as much detail as possibly up front! Certainly things may come up that they just could not have anticipated, but a good contractor will take the time to do that extra legwork, find out pricing on specialized finishes and upgrades, and present these to the customer in a clear and honest way. Strong and thorough contracts only make for much smoother and overall better builds.


  • Licenses and Insurance: Of course you’re going to want to make sure that the custom home builder you hire is fully insured and holds the proper licensing from the state of California. This helps to protect you and your new home project. Any contractor who refuses to show you proof of either of these things is probably one you’re going to want to avoid.  A custom home builder is required to carry much more insurance than your typical home remodeling company.


  • Craftsmanship and Quality: This one goes without saying…you are creating your dream home after all, you’re investing a great deal of money into its construction, you want the assurance that comes with a hiring a company who has a track record of high quality projects, of using the best materials and of employing the types of tradesmen who go above and beyond in order to deliver stunning results. Our goal is to create the most amazing custom home possible for you, as our reputation depends on each and every project we undertake.


It is Classic Home Improvement’s experience, our attention to detail and our commitment to our customers that really make the difference, especially when it comes to custom homes. We refuse to cut corners and we will always go that extra mile to ensure that your home is exactly what you had hoped it would be.