What we can do for you

  • Understanding your needs and budget, we can design the perfect home/addition/remodel for you
  • Create the type of space you’ve always dreamed of
  • Ensure that no corners are cut and that the details really shine through
  • Make your project our priority
  • Do our best to stay on schedule and always keep the lines of communication open
  • Work cooperatively as a team to avoid the unexpected

3D Rendering Kitchen Remodel Design

3d model of a warm open concept kitchen

What we can promise you

  • High quality work, unmatched in the San Diego area
  • Pride in craftsmanship and finishes
  • We will always be honest and never hide anything from you
  • Hand-selected employees who represent the best of the best
  • Superior quality finishes and fixtures that are designed to last
  • We will always treat your home as if it were our own

After Kitchen Remodel

large design and build kitchen remodel


Classic Home Improvement’s design and remodeling coordinated team of architects, engineers, designers, construction professionals, and craftspeople fulfill the expertise that is required for quality whole home remodeling, home additions, and custom homes. Our experience when it comes to first planning and drawing out our clients’ ideas, and then ultimately executing seamlessly, professionally and beautifully is truly unmatched in the San Diego area.

We are a design and build firm that specializes in not just whole home remodels, but all types of design-build projects. Classic Home Improvement’s additions, custom homes and renovations represent the best in craftsmanship, attention to detail and premium design. And because you are working with one company and one home remodeling design firm, the project runs smoother and always with consistent, open lines of communication between builder and client.

Let Us Create What You Envision

Going with a design-build company for your next job just makes more sense. The benefits of working with an in-house design team and a construction firm all in one are certainly worth exploring. Here are just a few of the reasons why a Design Build option may be best for you…


  • Overall Better Quality: If you think about it, the ability to control the quality, be it of the workmanship or of the products, is so much easier when dealing with a single entity. The project is not being diluted by an architect and then by an engineer and then again by a contractor, rather all of the elements are more effectively coordinated and diligently controlled


  • Saves Time and Money: Having that connection between the design team and the construction principles is key. There is actually quite a bit that can be streamlined and made more effective in terms of material use and build technique right in the very beginning, starting with the engineering process. The Classic Home Improvements team works together on each and every design build project to ensure that the house or addition plan is done in such a way as to ensure that there are no wasted materials and that the build process is made as effective and efficient as possible.


  • Fewer “Surprises”: In fact, with a fully functional design build team undertaking your project, the surprises, the unexpected delays, and the overages are generally eliminated. Everyone is communicating, thus everyone knows and understands ahead of time what exactly is involved with each step of the project. The crew has more comprehensive knowledge of all facets of the task at hand. And from the homeowner’s perspective, the design build option allows for a clearer understanding of the impact of changes and the ability to make those types of changes and/or upgrades early on in the project.


  • Better Control: An extremely important part of the construction process, whether a whole house renovation, an addition or a new custom home, is of course quality control, ensuring that each phase is done according to plan and adhering to the highest standards. With one firm handling the design and the build of your project, it’s inevitable that overall risk management and quality control is simply going to be better than if multiple companies happen to be involved. You don’t want corners to be cut and you certainly want to make sure that there is constant communication between the construction crew and the designers—this helps guarantee better quality and superior workmanship.


A Design Build Team You Can Trust

Classic Home Improvements has worked on projects throughout San Diego. Beginning with the floorplan, with designing the space you envision, we then walk your though each and every step of the process. Because we do everything, we have a much more comprehensive overview of your project. It is this interaction between designer and builder and this level of communication that has resulted in some truly amazing homes.

If you are redesigning your home, looking to build a new house or adding on to an existing structure, our design and build team of highly qualified designers and contractors can take your project from the initial concept to a full-blown, well-crafted, ‘uniquely you’ reality!