What we can do for you

  • Give you the gourmet kitchen you’ve always dreamed of
  • Create a more usable and efficient kitchen workspace
  • Give you access to superior quality materials
  • Update your kitchen with the latest conveniences and amenities
  • Install spectacular new cabinetry by Starmark Cabinets
  • Create a design plan that best suits your family and budget

Before Kitchen Remodel (Small Galley Kitchen)

small enclosed kitchen boxed in before kitchen remodeling project

What we can promise you

  • We guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of our work
  • We will always do our best to work with your budget and with your schedule
  • We are upfront and honest, there are no hidden fees
  • Our employees are all hand-selected, and we have some of the best in the industry
  • Our suppliers represent premier brands
  • We will always treat your home as if it were our own

After Kitchen Remodel (Large Open Kitchen with Island)

large chefs kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling: It’s Time Your Kitchen Finally Reflects Your Style

There are easily 100 architects, designers, and design build companies offering kitchen remodeling services in San Diego.  Kitchen renovation should be a rewarding experience but for that to happen, you need to select a design build company who you feel fits your needs best.  When you work with our team, you can expect to work with professionals who have hands on experience designing and building kitchens similar to yours.  Here is what you can expect from Classic Home Improvements when you work with us on your kitchen remodel project.

At Classic Home Improvements, we are not just interested in helping you “redo” your kitchen, we want to help you create an oasis in which you and your family can truly enjoy the heart of the home. As one of San Diego’s top design-remodel firms, we have worked with numerous clients, constructing the types of spaces that really make a home unique and spectacular.

Ask yourself…Does my kitchen reflect my style and tastes? Is it the kind of space worthy of being called my “dream kitchen”? You deserve that gourmet remodel, that luxurious center island, those amazing stone countertops. As far as your kitchen remodeling project goes, our team can certainly help you make those home remodeling design dreams come true!


Kitchen Remodeling Redesign 101: Starting Your Brand New Kitchen Remodel

So how do you envision your new kitchen? Classic Home Improvements is a design firm that truly understands that your home is your “baby.” When it comes to your kitchen especially, we know how incredibly important its look, feel and functionality are. This is where you cook, eat, gather and entertain. The kitchen in so many ways, the hub of the home. You want your home remodel to be perfect, a seamless experience that results in a stunning new kitchen design.

Our years of experience and our ability to offer you a comprehensive design-build plan are what make the difference. From the very beginning, we will sit down with you and create a dynamic new kitchen remodeling design that addresses your needs, wants and budget. Whether cosmetic changes, a kitchen extension, or a full-blown tear down and rebuild of your kitchen and living room (or kitchen and dining room) space, we will devise a carefully thought out course of action to ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams! Beginning to end, we are the home remodeling  designers who will walk you step by step through the entire process.


The Elements of a Kitchen Remodel

In envisioning what your new kitchen will look like, you’ve probably thought about the cabinets and counters, the floors and backsplashes, even perhaps the overall lighting as far as whether or not you want to add windows or openings. With many of our kitchen design projects, we’ve helped homeowners open up the space and make it feel more elegant, updated and fluid. Here are a few of the components of your design-remodel that you might want to consider as you approach a new kitchen renovation:

  • Cabinets and Counters: The possibilities are endless! Fortunately today there are so many brands, styles, finishes, colors and materials available that you can most definitely make your kitchen match your imagination. We work with some of the best brands and manufacturers in San Diego and around the world. This means we can make sure that you get the highest quality materials in order to make your home remodeling design truly stunning.


As far as cabinetry goes, there are a wide array of wood species available. From cherry and alder, to maple and knotty pine, or even more exotic options such as zebrawood or bamboo, we can help you select the style that best fits your taste and budget. And the actual cabinet design options are equally vast. Our home remodeling experts can help you choose your ideal door style and cabinet options, right down to the hardware.


If the cabinets are the foundation of your kitchen remodel, the countertops are where you really get to make a statement. There’s certainly a world of choices out there. We’ve installed granite, quartz, Corian, soapstone, even wood countertops. And with all of them, we’ve found that countertops really do make for an incredible transformation.


  • Flooring: As with counters and cabinets, the world of flooring choices has most definitely opened up when it comes to kitchen design. Not just tile anymore (although, we’ve certainly put in some amazing tile floors), it’s also about hardwoods, cork, or perhaps you prefer a high quality laminate. Again, our designer is on hand to help you create the exact look and feel that you want for your kitchen and point you in the right flooring direction.


  • Overall Design: Often it’s not just one or two elements that need remodeling in order to create that state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen. We’ve done numerous remodels in which creating a dream space involved tearing down walls, adding a window or set of French doors, building a showpiece center island. And that’s what so great about redesigning your home—you truly can do anything! Want to make the workspace flow better…we can help. Need to completely re-situate the kitchen so that it opens into the family room…we can do that too! Our experience has taught us that when it comes to kitchen remodeling, nothing is off limits.


If you are thinking about finally undertaking that kitchen redesign, we’d love to consult with you! Our experienced team can offer you the best quality materials, expert design advice and of course, superior craftsmanship that results in your dream kitchen.