Kitchen design

Kitchen design is one of our specialties and we have found that many clients we speak with ask if we can provide 3d drawings for their kitchen remodel.  The answer is an emphatic YES!

Homeowners tell us often that they need kitchen design assistance because they do not have “visual capacity”…. that is what we are here for.  Our designers will ask you several questions to determine your family’s cooking style as well as your entertaining style.  They will also ask you some questions regarding colors and styles that you may like.  The answers to those questions will help them to create a beautiful kitchen design that is custom to your family.  We understand this is an exciting and nerve-wracking time and we hope at the end of our journey together designing your kitchen you feel as though you were listened to.  Our goal is to move forward with the perfect design for your home at a price that is within your budget so we can move forward to building your kitchen remodel.

Make no mistake, budgets matter!

When you meet with our kitchen designer, we ask that you be forthcoming about your budget.  Providing a budget to your designer will allow him or her to guide you through alternative options if what you desire will exceed what your budget can handle.  We can design anything your heart desires. The problem with that is:  if we are not aware of what your budget is then we may unintentionally crush your dream of a new kitchen because we can not guide you away from costly design choices.

Most times we can offer a solution so you can get what you want with an alternate design that fits within your budget.  For example, you will see in many of our kitchen design images that we have see-through or peek-a-boo walls from the kitchen to the dining room.  Most likely that design was created because the client wanted to open up a load bearing wall, but did not want the cost associated with that wall removal.  We believe our job is to facilitate the design of your dream kitchen within your budget, therefore we will offer suggestions but our goal is to listen to what you want and design a space that matches your vision.

Please take a moment to go through some of our kitchen design 3D images, you may find a few kitchen designs that appeal to you!

We hope you have enjoyed going through some of the kitchen design images the Classic Home Improvements designers have created.  When you are ready to start discussing your kitchen remodel project, give us a call for a complimentary design consultation!