What we can do for you

  • Create a high quality room addition that stands the test of time
  • Present you with design consultants who understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building a room addition
  • Offer premium fixtures, finishes and of course, workmanship
  • Work with your vision to create that desired new space
  • Stick to your budget and schedule as we build your room addition
  • Ensure attention to detail, accuracy, and a beautiful end result
3d rendering of a second story room addition

What we can promise you

  • We offer the best materials and finest brands available
  • Our staff is honest and upfront, no surprises, no cutting corners
  • We ensure the job is done right, and that any issues are immediately addressed
  • We take the time to understand exactly what it is you need from your finished project
  • We’ll always treat your home as we would our own
  • We are there for you when you need us!
one story house built on to make a two story house

Room Additions: The Thrill of Adding on to Your Home!

San Diego Room Additions:  Sometimes you just need to go bigger and building a room addition is a much better solution than picking up and moving! Whether a growing family, or upgrade plans that have been in the works for some time, creating a new room and adding on to a house can certainly be an adventure. With Classic Home Improvements, it is most definitely an exciting one. We specialize in doing the types of design-remodel additions that look like they were always a part of the original home.

The last thing you want is for your home to appear “cut up,” for it to seem as though it has been through multiple room additions. The key to a gorgeous new room addition is to make it feel like it was there from the very beginning. And this is exactly how we approach these types of home remodel design projects.


The Room Addition Team You Can Depend On

Throughout San Diego there are numerous firms and contactors who can add on a room to your house. But are they trustworthy…Do they do the type of work that takes your house to a stunning new level?  And are they the type of company that will be there when you call, and not disappear once the job is done? These are the questions you need to ask yourself prior to hiring a contracting and design firm to complete your addition project.

With a regional reputation for excellence, the Classic Home Improvements team is always focused on the details and on the needs of the customer. Ours is a philosophy and approach founded upon honesty, high quality work and offering clients the best materials, fixtures and finishes available. When choosing our crew to work on your room addition, you are selecting design specialists, craftsmen and industry professionals who take every single element of the project seriously. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, plain and simple.


Room Addition Options: The Possibilities are Endless

When it comes to how and where exactly you should add on to your existing structure, our home remodeling designers would love to help! We’ve engaged in everything from whole house renovations, to kitchen remodels, to bathroom makeovers and of course, additions. These, in our experience, have proven among the most popular room additions…


  • The Master Suite Addition: You’re finally at that place where you can create the master suite oasis that you’ve always dreamed of! The master should be an escape, your fortress of solitude. Why not pamper yourself, introduce some luxury and elegance and create a brand new retreat for yourself. From serene and peaceful bedrooms with specialty vaulted or barreled ceilings, to amazing walk-in closets that are celebrity worthy, to a spa-inspired bathroom like no other, we can help you construct the ideal master suite that works with your lifestyle and budget.


  • Family/Rec Room Additions: Kids have a lot of “stuff” and consequently they need space…This is generally why we are hired to add on family rooms, game rooms and recreational spaces. Beyond simply building you a “room,” we are the San Diego design firm that actually takes the time to understand how the family room addition will be used. And in doing so, we can guide you in the overall design scheme of your new addition. From the flooring, to the lighting, to the electronic needs of the room, we will create a comprehensive plan especially suited to your family.


  • Office Space: Working from home is definitely trending. More and more are using their homes as their office. But do you have a dedicated office space? Perhaps it’s time to invest in creating a professional and stylish office from which you can more effectively work. Classic Home Improvements has done plenty of office additions. We will consult with you and determine exactly what your needs are in order to construct the ultimate home office addition. You work hard—you deserve a home office that makes your job more pleasurable and easier!

At Classic Home Improvements, we want to help you realize your dream of adding on to your house. For whatever reason and whatever function, the room that you build needs to be a fluid extension of the current structure. You don’t want to settle for work that isn’t seamlessly integrated, and neither do we.